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Development Services
Development services
Development services

Besides our own design lines, the R&D department is responsible for individual customer developments, too. Upon reception of a development request we prepare a fair quotation to our customers, based on requirement specifications. Project development starts immediately after agreement. With the newest CAD software clients can visualize the results even before the first prototype is out. In the majority of cases so far, these prototypes present such quality standards that they can be used for tests. In the best case they show marketable condition.

For detailed information don’t hesitate to contact us.


Latest News

Case for iPad Air available

Case for iPad Air

The Case for iPad Rev1 is now fit for iPad Air.

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aiShell now at the Mammut Store

aiShell™ mini

The aiShell™ is now to buy at the Mammut Store in Berlin.

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aiShell red, blue and aiShell connector available

aiShell™ mini

The aiShell™ in red, blue and the aiShell connector watertight are now available

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aiShell black and white available

aiShell™ mini

The aiShell™ in black and white are now available

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