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aiShell 10.9

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The aiShell 10.9 is the latest addition to our aiShell series and was specially developed for use with Apple iPads of the 10th generation. The waterproof and impact-resistant case has all the usual functions of our proven aiShell concept and has been supplemented with some new features.

The case can be adapted to any requirement with the appropriate accessories - this makes the aiShell 10.9 the ideal companion for everyday life, work or outdoor activities. In addition to the standard RAM mount compatibility, this model has screwable rubber feet on the back, anti-slip feet on the sides and a pen holder - these can be attached and replaced as desired.

The buttons and cameras of the inserted iPad can be easily operated from the outside. Thanks to the light guide, the tablet's light sensor also remains fully functional. Using the aiShell Charging Connector - USB-C (sold separately), the aiShell 10.9 remains waterproof even during charging.


  • Suitable for
    Apple iPad 10th Generation (A2696; A2757, A2777)
  • Dimensions
    275 mm, 209 mm, 21 mm
  • Material
    ABS plastic

scope of delivery

• aiShell 10.9
• Accessory set


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ByRAM Mounts Germany GmbHAndres Industries AGAndres Industries AGAndres Industries AGAndres Industries AG
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Basis for the connection between the aiShell™ mini and the RAM mount system.

RAM is the revolutionary universal ball joint mounting system that allows you to mount almost anything anywhere. RAM Mounts are unique in design and offer easy installation, mobility, strength, versatility, vibration protection and long durability - all at a low price. So if you are faced with a difficult mounting situation: Just RAM it

  • Base 6.35cm diameter
  • ​Ball 2.54cm diameter

If the aiShell™ needs to be securely attached but still quickly removable if necessary, the Quicksnapper is a reliable solution. The Quicksnapper can be screwed directly onto tables or walls. Alternatively , additional RAM mount modules can be attached to the back using the RAM-202 or the RAM-B-202.

Simultaneous charging of multiple iPads

For professional users who need to charge many iPads at the same time, ergonomics and reliability are particularly important. Usually, opening the aiShell™ case every day to charge it is time-consuming and always carries the risk of damage.

The aiRack provides a solution here. Each aiShell™ is pre-equipped with a Car Cradle Connector (not included). This securely seals the housing against water ingress and is also compatible with the Car Cradle.

To charge, the aiShell™ is simply inserted into a free element of the aiRack from above. The connection is automatically established by spring contacts. The charging current is at least 2A per aiShell™.

An aiRack-10 consists of 10 aiRack elements. This means that up to 10 iPads can be charged simultaneously in one aiRack. Equipped with rubber feet, the aiRack-10 can be placed on a table, for example.

Multirack solution in the server cabinet

Since the aiRack-10 is based on a 19" slot, it can also be installed in standard server cabinets. Drawer solutions are even conceivable here. In large server cabinets, up to 100 iPads can be charged simultaneously.

custom made

The aiRack elements can be freely combined, so fewer than 10 elements can be integrated into a 19" slot. Individual elements can also be used as a table charging station.

The Car Cradle is the most professional charging and mounting solution for tablets. It is particularly suitable for users who have to put the case in a holder several times a day, where it can also be charged immediately. This is important for delivery drivers and maintenance staff, for example, but also for emergency services. It only takes seconds to put the case in the Car Cradle or take it out. The charging process starts automatically and ends automatically once the battery is charged.

Instead of a normal lightning cable or the Charging Connectors The waterproof Car Cradle Connector is attached to the base of the aiShell. It is permanently attached with two screws. It has two hard gold-plated contact surfaces on its underside. After plugging it into the Car Cradle, the device is charged via this.

We offer the Car Cradle with and without a Car Cradle Connector.

The Car Cradle has been developed for vehicle use. For this purpose, it is best to use the well-known RAM mount modules. These mounts also allow mounting on tables, walls, machines and windows.

However, if the system is to be installed in vehicles in which holes cannot be drilled, we have our "No-Drill" solutions . We would be happy to advise you personally on this.

Because the upper and lower halves are adjustable, the Car Cradle is suitable for both aiShell mini+ and aiShell mini 5 .

The docking connector does not have a cable but two gold-plated contact surfaces and is extremely robust. The connector is attached directly to the aiShell and can only be used in conjunction with the aiShell Car Cradle USB-C or the aiRack .

Das aiShell 10.9 in der Farbe Weiß von vorne.

aiShell 10.9

Andres Industries AG
From €260,00

Suitable for

Apple iPad 10th Generation (A2696; A2757, A2777)


275 mm, 209 mm, 21 mm




ABS plastic

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