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We have been equipping police units with night vision technology at the highest level for years. For this we use appropriately high-quality tubes and housings only. This certainly has its price, but anyone who has ever tried to save a penny when choosing tubes will know what it's like to have to settle for inferior gear. Disturbing spots in the central area of ​​the field of vision are not acceptable to us. Especially not for special units, which still make up the majority of our clients.

Unlike other dealers, we do not purchase large quantities of commercial tubes. We tend to purchase large contingents of military tubes. This is how authorities receive actual Milspec from us – and nothing else. So no “as good as” Milspec tubes. We also supply private users with exactly what they order from us.

We have an increasing number of users from a wide variety of areas who are very satisfied with our services. In the meantime, the production of the devices has also been relocated to Germany, so that you can now say: Designed in Luxembourg - Made in Gemany.

No matter who you buy from, we advise all users to try out the devices before buying.. This works particularly well as part of our regular events Night vision workshops . Our primary concern here is not to sell our technology, but rather to provide the customer with a technical overview in advance.

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