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frequently asked Questions


I am interested in the TigIR™, but I don't live in Berlin. Is there somewhere I can watch it?

Unfortunately, we only have a few dealers who have a TigIR™ in stock and can demonstrate it to interested customers. Therefore there are the following options:

• We ourselves go to trade fairs across Europe and present our devices there. These are often government trade fairs to which private users are not allowed.

• The simplest solution is to order a TigIR™ from us for testing. You are welcome to return it within 14 days if you don't like it.

• If you represent a group of interested parties, e.g. a hunting group or similar, we or one of our dealers would be happy to visit you and hold a night vision workshop .

• Some dealers have the TigIR™ in stock. Maybe there is one near you.

see also: Is the device perhaps available for testing?

What is included in the scope of delivery?

In addition to your TigIR, the standard scope of delivery also includes the following components

• a manual

• a quick guide

• 4x CD123 batteries

• 1x cleaning cloth

• 1x thread cap

• 1x sturdy outdoor case

When will the TigIR™ be available again?

We continue to continuously increase our production speed in TigIR production. However, due to the equally increasing demand, we will not be able to build up inventory for the time being. At least we managed to reduce delivery times to two months in the last few months. Unfortunately, the most popular TigIR models are usually not available in the shop. We therefore recommend that you simply write us a message and order a TigIR™. You will then receive a device directly from ongoing production in the order in which the order is received. We would be happy to inform you of the current delivery time in advance. Please understand that we will still not be able to provide any devices for testing in the medium term, as binding orders from our customers have priority. However, if there is enough demand, we would be happy to organize a thermal imaging workshop in your region, where you can take a look at the TigIR in person and also receive a complete introduction to the device's functions.

Talk to us:

How long is the delivery time?

We regret that you sometimes have to wait longer for a device, but since we want to ensure the quality of the TigIR, we can only expand our capacities slowly. In order to achieve high precision, many production steps are necessary. We are constantly looking for new employees for our production and train them in the production and adjustment of the devices. We have already doubled production capacity twice. Nevertheless, demand continues to increase.

If you are interested in a TigIR and it is not immediately available, please ask by email for current delivery times.