The perfect solution for every requirement

  • Pistole

  • PDW

  • AR

  • MG

  • DMR

  • Sniper


If the TILO-3 is worn as goggles, it can even be used with normal pistols at short distances of up to 20 meters.


In combination with the Red Dot Flipper, the TILO-6MA can even be used as clip-on thermal in front of short reflex sights on PDW.


If a long range is not required, AR with Battle Sights like the ELCAN Specter 1x/4x, which have 1x magnification, can be used in combination with the TILO-6-MA to create extremely lightweight and compact solutions.


The PumIR was specially developed for use on AR. It offers the perfect combination of compactness and range.


The TigIR is the right choice for AR if it is to be used in front of a reflex sight or if a particularly long range is required.


The PumIR is a good choice for medium distances on MG, its short design makes it suitable for almost all models.


The TigIR is used thousands of times on the MG, as it can also be used for reconnaissance and coverage at greater distances. It can also be mounted on almost any machine gun thanks to its short design in combination with the ELCAN Specter.


The TigIR was developed specifically for use on DMR weapons. It can be used well in front of scopes with 3x magnification, as is common on DMR weapons.

PumIR™ + AL

If the PumIR is used with the Afocal Lens, it is also ideally suited for use as a thermal clip-on on DMR weapons. It delivers a perfect image even for scopes with 4x magnification. The attachment lens can be removed within seconds, enabling CQB use.


The new BeaIR is a cost-effective alternative for cooled thermal sniper clip-on devices. It has an optional laser rangefinder and dual field of view optics, which also has a wide-angle mode. The maximum detection range is 5km.