Berlin thermal imaging devices for NATO

Berliner Wärmebildgeräte für die NATO

The use of thermal imaging technology has become an indispensable part of modern conflicts. From individual infantrymen to armored vehicles and drones - the ability to see more than the other side has a massive impact on the balance of current military conflicts. This is demonstrated not least by the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. Against this background, among others, many armed forces are currently undergoing a comprehensive modernization of their own night combat capabilities and, given the acute threat situation, the Eastern European member states of NATO are particularly affected by this.

Combination of TigIR and TILO

After a total of up to 80 TigIR and TILO devices were subjected to intensive testing in the Czech armed forces over the past two years, an order for a first batch of a further 400 TigIR-6M attachments and 26 TILO-6M thermal imaging goggles from Andres Industries AG (AIAG) was placed in mid-2022. Further and significantly larger orders are expected for the coming year. A decisive factor in the procurement of the Berlin thermal imaging goggles is probably also the rapid provision of the devices. Andres Defence, the armaments arm of Andres Industries AG, is able to deliver the required quantities within nine months.

The smallest thermal imaging goggles in the world stand out due to their compactness and modularity and can be used either directly on the helmet or as a small attachment in front of various scopes. The TigIR, on the other hand, is a pure thermal imaging attachment which is particularly compact and light despite its long range of three kilometers.

Small and medium-sized businesses as security guarantors

The advantages of medium-sized companies in the security and defense industry as reliable suppliers of urgently needed materials are particularly evident in times of crisis. In contrast to the large defense companies, there is still sufficient production capacity here and the greater flexibility makes it possible to respond to special requirements in the shortest possible time. A procurement concept that is bearing fruit. Other NATO countries are already following the Prague example and are planning to purchase AIAG equipment on a similarly large scale from 2023. Andres Industries recently received another contract for a tender from the Estonian Ministry of Defense to equip 66 sniper rifles with the TigIR. This is also the first lot of a longer-term procurement initiative.

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