3D-Illustration eines aiShells in einem CarCradle vor einem schwarzen Hintergrund



With the extensive range of accessories, you can expand the capabilities of the Shell system. Find the right accessories for your needs here. You can see which accessories are compatible with different aiShell variants in the various Shell models.


If you want your new aiShell to be securely fastened and easily removable, the Quicksnapper is our reliable solution. The Quicksnapper can be directly mounted on a table, attached to a wall, or fastened to a RAM Mount ( not included). Furthermore, there are several ways to secure the aiShell with the Quicksnapper, such as using a carabiner or a Kensington lock.

Shoulder strap

An easily removable shoulder strap can be attached to the back of the shell case in various positions. If necessary, 2 shoulder straps can be combined. This means the Shell can be worn like a belly drawer.

Hand strap

The length-adjustable hand strap with its 2 attachment points can be connected to any of the 4 cast nuts. It can therefore be used either alone or in combination with the shoulder strap. Like the shoulder strap, you can remove it quickly and easily.

ScrollTrigger Animation
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Magnetic Feet

We have developed magnetic feet to expand the scope of use for the shell. After the standard rubber feet have been removed, the magnetic feet can be mounted on the back. They are strong enough to securely attach the shell to ferromagnetic surfaces.


Another side accessory is the Sunshade. When closed, it serves as a display protector. Furthermore, it functions as a sunshade and a table stand since it can be adjusted at any angle. It can also be locked in place by turning two knobs.