Shell™ concept

Our shell cases are waterproof and impact resistant. There is no other housing system for the Apple iPad series that offers such extensive expansion options.


The aiShell casings are a system solution. For professional use, the shells can be adapted to practically any application situation with the appropriate accessories. The Shell concept is constantly being expanded and also offers the option of customization with special materials or other features.

IP67 - waterproof up to 1 meter

This certification checks whether the housing can withstand water pressure at a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. No harmful amount of water is allowed to penetrate during this time. Each of our cases is tested for waterproofness before shipping. We still recommend that you check your case to ensure it is waterproof before using it. Especially when working with such a protective housing for the first time, it can quickly happen that you forget to close a clip or, for example, sand gets into the seal. For this review, each shell comes with a cardboard dummy of an iPad. This takes up the space of the iPad in the housing.

If a leak does occur during the check, you can immediately see it on the dummy. All Shell series cases are waterproof and impact resistant. Nevertheless, the iPad can be inserted or removed within seconds. Almost all functions, such as buttons and cameras, can also be used from outside. The charging function is the only housing system that can even be used underwater using a special connector. Thanks to the ergonomically shaped back, the case sits much more securely in the hand than comparable products.

Impact protection according to MIL-810G

To test the impact protection of our housings, we use one of the toughest standards available. The MIL-810G is the US military standard. To pass this test, the case is dropped a total of 26 times on all edges, sides and surfaces. The fall height here is 1.22m; the surface is a flat surface. This ensures that no matter where the case hits, the protection is perfect. The certification is passed if the housing and the tablet inside it continue to function. As mentioned above, the test surface is a flat surface. Sharp objects could still damage the display if they hit it directly. To prevent this from happening, there is a special display protection flap for the aiShell™ mini and mini+ that even prevents such dangers.

Screen protector

Thanks to the display film, our aiShell™ cases are also protected against scratches and insensitive to sand, in contrast to conventional waterproof cases from other manufacturers. This could, for example, work its way through the seals and cause leaks during prolonged use. In addition, the aiShell™ mini has the option of attaching a hard plastic display flap. This means the display is protected even if it falls onto sharp objects.

Even with many conventional waterproof protective housings, a high-quality protective film is often omitted for cost reasons. This often works quite well in the beginning. However, problems often arise during use.

Although the iPad's glass surface is very hard, it can be scratched by objects such as keys. Since the seal to the display is not glued, dirt, salt and sand can work their way through it over time. This can create tiny channels through which water can penetrate after weeks of use.

The screen protector of the aiShell™ system prevents all of this. It itself is made of a very scratch-resistant plastic. If it does get scratched, it is possible to replace it. As standard, the aiShell™ comes with a crystal-clear display film. It is best suited to prevent annoying reflections. However, upon special customer request, we can also equip any housing with a matt film. However, this is a custom-made product with a small additional charge. We also have the option of equipping our shell cases with hybrid glass in the display window. This is used as standard with the GoShell™.