3D-Illustration eines aiRacks mit vier aiShell Gehäusen

Charging options

There are versatile charging options for the Shell™ system, meaning that a simple Shell™ for private users can later be turned into a professional industrial tablet. Below are the series solutions. If you have special requirements, please contact us directly.


For private users, it is usually sufficient to charge the tablet within the case using the Apple Lightning connector or the standard connector. Open the supplied waterproof plug and insert the charging plug into the tablet. It's important to note that the Shell system is not waterproof during the charging process. It only becomes waterproof again after removing the charging plug and sealing the plug. For daily charging, this effort is manageable.

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If the iPad is to be charged in a waterproof case, the first option is the Charging Connector. It is screwed to the housing and has a USB (A-male) plug at one end, which can be connected to the Apple power supply, for example. No tools are necessary for this. This solution is often used by sailors who only screw on the plug once a day. The cable end with the USB plug is not waterproof.

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Car-Cradle Connector

For professional applications, there is the Car Cradle Connector. It is permanently sealed to the case, making it waterproof (no tools needed). With this accessory, the Shell can be inserted into various charging docks for recharging. Once the Car Cradle Connector is attached to the aiShell or GoShell, the tablet cannot be removed.

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Ergonomics and reliability are particularly important for professional users who need to charge many iPads at the same time. Typically, opening the aiShell™ case daily to charge is time-consuming and always poses a risk of damage. The aiRack provides a remedy here. Each aiShell™ is pre-equipped with a Car Cradle Connector (not included). This securely seals the housing against water penetration and is also compatible with the car cradle. To load, the aiShell™ is simply inserted from above into a free element of the aiRack. The connection is made automatically by spring contacts. The charging current is at least 2A per aiShell™. An aiRack-10 consists of 10 aiRack elements. This means that up to 10 iPads can be charged simultaneously in an aiRack. Equipped with rubber feet, the aiRack-10 can be placed on a table, for example.

3D-Illustration von CarCradle, welches ein aiShell hält

Car cradle

The Car Cradle is particularly useful for users who need to plug and unplug their device frequently during the day. That's why it is increasingly being used in fire service vehicles. If the Shell is equipped with the Car Cradle Connector, it can be automatically charged in the Car Cradle. With this solution, the housing does not have to be opened and therefore always remains waterproof. Like the Quicksnapper, the Car Cradle can either be screwed directly to walls/tables or mounted with a RAM-202 or many other RAM mounts. RAM mounts are not included in the standard scope of delivery.