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Stabilized binoculars



The innovative Horizon One sets new standards in quality and precision of your observations. Just as lightweight and compact as traditional 42mm roof prism binoculars, yet incredibly stable. It allows the user to locate an object faster, capture even more details, and therefore make decisions more quickly.

Compact housing and robust construction

The HORIZON ONE features a shock-absorbing silicone coating that allows the attachment of loose parts such as battery covers or lens caps. The durable, foldable rubber eyecup minimizes the incidence of light from the sides. With a total weight of 720g (Horizon One 12) and 735g (Horizon One 16), the device is lighter than most conventional binoculars. The special combination of the innovative stabilization system and the optical components make the HORIZON ONE the lightest and smallest image stabilizing binoculars with a size of more than 40 mm on the market.


The HORIZON ONE is completely waterproof. The optical system and electronics are sealed according to the IPX 7 standard (max. 30 minutes at 1m water depth). The binoculars are filled with nitrogen, which prevents the interior from fogging up in high humidity and temperature fluctuations.

2° correction angle

The HORIZONE ONE reduces image vibrations caused by wind or hand tremors to a minimum. The stabilization function is three times higher than that of comparable devices. The built-in stabilization system meets military standards and enables stable observation from moving vehicles on land, water and in the air. While comparable systems with stronger performance are slow and result in a sluggish and wobbly look. The HORIZONE ONE, on the other hand, offers the best combination of high stabilization capability and precision as used by militaries, authorities and security forces worldwide.

120 hour battery life

Each of the HORIZONE ONE's 2 battery compartments holds 2 standard AA batteries. A battery compartment contains 2 functioning AA batteries with an operating time of 60 hours. The other compartment contains 2 spare AA batteries. After the first 60 hours, you can replace the batteries and use them for another 60 hours.

Sleep mode

Smart features such as the angle detection system put the stabilization electronics into sleep mode when the device is tilted more than 60° from horizontal (hanging from the neck or standing on a surface), and automatically activate the device when observation resumes. This greatly extends battery life and user comfort. Regardless of its current function (idle or active), the device switches off automatically after 90 minutes. The system also indicates a low battery level. Angle detection is not an obstacle to helicopter-based observations. Please note that the HORIZONE ONE is a fully functional observation system, even without a power supply or activated stabilization system, just like normal binoculars.

Reticle and laser filter

Upon request, the HORIZON ONE can be equipped with customized reticles and laser filters.