Soldat mit TILO Wärmebildbrille und TigIR Wärmebildgerät auf AR - Halbprofil


At Andres Defense we have specialized in the development and production of particularly compact thermal imaging devices. With the TILO™ we have introduced what are currently the smallest thermal imaging glasses in the world. The TigIR™ is the lightest, shortest and one of the most successful attachments on the market. Many other innovations are intended to close the gaps between devices and set new standards,

Our focus is clearly on government business. However, we are also committed to the private sector. Therefore
We also offer a civilian version of every official model.


Unique thanks to Berlin's innovative spirit:

The success of our products is primarily the result of the creativity of our in-house development department. This is where the production processes and technical features that make TILO, TigIR and co. the best appliances in their class are created.

Automatic flap control

Our thermal imaging devices are equipped with a patented automatic flap control system that allows the device to be powered on and off and calibrated. When you open the lens cover, the device automatically turns on, and when you close it, the device turns off. This prevents unintentional powering on and off. Alternatively, all functions can also be executed by pressing a button.

Illustration zur Darstellung der Funktion der Klappe am PumIR

3 level concept

The devices are operated using an intuitive three-stage concept:

1st level:
Open the flap and get started. The device automatically recalls the last selected settings.

2nd level:
All advanced functions such as zoom, filter selection and brightness can be controlled using just two buttons without having to switch to a menu.

3rd level:
This is where the settings menu is located, which can be used, for example, to carry out collimation or saving weapon platforms.

Soldat mit BeaIR Thermalvorsatzgerät

Maximum accuracy

Up to 100% higher precision:

The housings are milled from a block of high-strength aviation aluminum and are robust enough to withstand fire up to .50BMG caliber. Our experience shows that techniques such as die casting do not achieve the repeatability in the field that suits professional users.

AI upscaling and sub-pixel collimation: With these unique features you can get twice the performance from the microbolometers used. With the TigIR, hits with a scattering circle of 6 cm can be achieved at an effective distance of 500 m, although the sensor-related angular resolution at this distance is already over 10 cm.

Bild 1

AI upscaling

This feature is more than just anti-aliasing. Using an AI algorithm, the sensor image is vectorized during the digital zoom, reinterpreted and displayed on the display in higher resolution. This means that individual pixels are barely visible even at 8x digital magnification. The result is a sharper, but above all higher-resolution image. For this reason, when using attachments, we also recommend using digital zoom levels over the optical magnification of daylight optics, as this significantly increases the effective range.

Sub-pixel collimation (SPC)

Thermal imaging devices develop their full potential when they are collimated (zeroed) with appropriate precision. Our devices can be collimated not just pixel by pixel, but in half pixel steps. The dispersion of the device is halved and the accuracy is doubled.

Thermal filter

All devices have 15 different filter modes ex works. The sensor signals are processed differently and displayed depending on the application requirements. Each tactical filter is available in an additional boost version. The distribution in the dynamic range is optimized similarly to an HDR image. This reveals further details of objects that are only at ambient temperature. All filters for direct access can be activated or deactivated via the settings menu.

Tactical filter/boost mode

Tactical filters display heat differences in monochrome brightness gradients. This enables a largely natural representation. Each tactical filter is also available in a boost version. The distribution in the dynamic range is optimized similarly to an HDR image. This results in a detailed view of elements that are themselves only at ambient temperature.

  • Black Hot

    Black Hot Filter Black Hot Boost Filter
  • Cold Red

    Cold Red Filter Cold Red Boost Filter
  • Cold Green

    Cold Green Filter Cold Green Boost Filter
  • White Hot

    White Hot Filter White Hot Boost Filter
  • Red Hot

    Red Hot Filter Red Hot Boost Filter
  • Ironbow

    Ironbow Filter
  • Rainbow

    Rainbow Filter
  • Rainbow HC

    Rainbox HC Filter
  • Glowbow

    Glowbow Filter