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RAM mounts

Solutions made for professionals


RAM-Mount modules come in five sizes, with ball sizes B (e.g., for the aiShell mini) and C being the most suitable for Shell cases. The latter is larger and more robust. They can be connected to the Shell either directly or through one of the available mounts. The mounts have a hole pattern that fits both B and C ball modules. For vehicle mounting, special solutions are sometimes required when, for example, no holes can be drilled. This is where 'No-Drill' attachments are especially useful.

B-ball modules

Discover the versatile B-Ball modules – perfectly matched to our compact housing, the aiShell mini. Ideal for situations where space plays a crucial role, these modules are particularly popular with motorcyclists and cyclists. We offer extensive mounting options, including those that utilize the rearview mirror mount.

C-Ball modules

C-Ball modules have significant stability reserves and are ideal for all shell cases. Even stronger vibrations, such as those that occur when using forklifts, are absorbed by the damping elastomer layer.

No-drill vehicle owner

The suction cup mounts listed under the B- and C-Ball modules are simple and practical, but often hinder visibility because they have to be attached to the windshield. Our no-drill mounts offer a clever solution here. With these brackets, the shell system can be easily installed without any complex measures. This is particularly advantageous for leasing or rental vehicles. In addition, the no-drill mounts are also suitable in safety-critical areas such as aviation,
where additional drilling is often not possible.

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