Andres Industries wins bid for Bundeswehr tender

Andres Industries erhält Zuschlag für Bundeswehrausschreibung

Even though we are mainly known among the military and authorities for our thermal imaging devices, today we have another success story for a change: it's about the Bundeswehr and the oxygen self-rescuers we sell.

The Bundeswehr had already awarded us the contract for ours last year KSB-60 granted. 110 devices have now been delivered.

In contrast to conventional gas masks, self-rescuers offer the advantage of an air supply that is independent of recirculation. This means that it actually doesn't matter how little oxygen is still available in the ambient air. Even if there is no oxygen left at all, this is not a problem. The user breathes in the same air over and over again, which is automatically regenerated by the system. This means that protection against toxins is much better guaranteed than with a gas mask, where the filter used is very important. It becomes particularly problematic with gas masks if you don't use the right filter for the toxic gases. In the worst case, you receive no protection at all.

So an O2 self-rescuer can become a life-saving joker for short-term use. For example, in vehicle fires or chemical accidents. It is able to regenerate its own breathing air for at least 30 minutes; with the KSB60 it is even 120 minutes, which can be extended to up to 360 minutes if the breathing is calm enough.

In contrast to compressed air breathing apparatus, a self-rescuer has the additional advantage that it is significantly lighter and more compact and can therefore be worn on a person at all times. The purchase costs are also significantly lower at less than €500. The maximum shelf life here is 10 years. In contrast to the compressed air breathing apparatus, no TÜV has to be carried out during this time.

The self-rescuer is also available for civilian users.

You can find all the functions of the device as well as the application here

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