Fundraising campaign: 100 TigIR thermal imaging devices for Ukraine

Gründer Dr. Andres übergibt TigIR an Vitali Klitschko

Last year, Andres Industries AG delivered 100 of its successful TigIR (pronounced Tiger) thermal imaging attachments to Ukraine, financed by donations. As part of a fundraising dinner for the Berlin Kiyiv Prosthetics Center, the 101st device was personally presented to the mayor of Kiev and former boxing champion Vitali Klitschko. The company had launched its own fundraising campaign for this. The remaining devices were acquired through international donation organizations such as Come Back Alive, Articom LLC and Alpha Bravo Charity. To avoid unnecessary detours, the TigIR attachments manufactured by Andres Industries in Berlin were sent directly to the receiving units. The TigIR is particularly popular because it is made from western components and, despite its particularly long range, is the most compact device on the market.

Dr. Björn Andres, CEO and founder of Andres Industries AG, said: "We are happy that we, as a small medium-sized German company, can play a small part in Ukraine's defense struggle. We thank the citizens of Ukraine and especially the emergency services for their efforts against oppression and tyranny."

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