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Perfect ergonomics meets minimal weight.

The latest night vision technology meets excellent wearing comfort - a first-class combination that can be individually configured depending on customer wishes and needs.

The new DTNVS is light and versatile. It can be handheld as well as attached to a helmet or head mount. It can also be individually adapted to the user via diopter adjustment, lens focus and eye relief adjustment (DTNVS Locking System).

The binocular model owes its remarkably low weight and high stability to the fiber-reinforced polycarbonate housing. Furthermore, it can be set so that it switches off automatically when folded up - this not only saves energy, but above all minimizes telltale stray light.

Other features include the usual ACT in Black individual switching on and off of the respective eyepieces, a battery and IR status display in the field of view and a built-in IR LED for better vision at close range.

Binocular night vision devices offer the great advantage of true spatial vision, which offers significant advantages, especially when moving quickly in heterogeneous terrain or indoors.

Since this is an export-restricted product, we require a copy of your ID card after the order has been placed, as well as an end user declaration, which you will receive by email.

Configure now
When ordering your personal DTNVS in our shop, simply select your desired housing with the corresponding eyepiece optics and combine it with your desired tube. Of course, we would also be happy to advise you personally.

Please note that with the maximum configuration (DTNVS-14-LWT40D Harder Gen3 2600 FOM Autogated) delivery times of approx. 2-3 months may occur.

Choose your case:

The LNS40 optics package is equipped with the tried and tested PVS-14 optics. This glass optic has a viewing angle of 40°. This makes them heavier, but also more durable for tough use. Furthermore, this optic is more scratch- and wear-resistant than conventional optics. The eyepiece has a diopter adjustment range of +2 to -6.
These optics are compatible with all PVS14 aftermarket lens and eyepiece accessories and meet the specification for 2 hours diving at 20m.

The LWT40 optics package offers both the feel and functionality of the PVS-14 optics with a 30% weight reduction compared to the LNS40 optics package. The objective lens is noticeably shorter, which may cause compatibility issues. For the user, the eyepiece is almost identical to the standard PVS-14 eyepiece in all respects, but of course lighter.

The eyepiece has a diopter adjustment range of +2 to -6. The optics are hybrid optics that contain some plastic lenses. These are potentially less robust against wear and scratches than regular all-glass optics. The optics exceed military environmental specifications and have equivalent or better optical performance than most standard PVS-14 optics.

The optics meet the specification for 2 hours of diving at 20m.

The LWT40D optics package is the choice for the best optical performance and is just under 5% heavier than the LWT40 optics package. The lens, like the LWT40, is a short and significantly lighter version of the PVS-14 lens.

The Ether eyepiece has a significantly reduced weight, a larger eyepiece diameter and a larger eyebox, which makes handling more comfortable. It has an adjustable diopter number from +2 to -2, but unlike traditional eyepieces, the user can adjust this setting via a lock. This prevents accidental adjustment of the diopter setting during use.

It should be noted that due to its different dimension, the Ether eyepiece is not compatible with most standard accessories that screw into the PVS-14 eyepiece. However, it is compatible with the standard eyecup for the PVS-14 and with any accessories that use the same attachment point.


  • Dimensions
    76 mm, 105 mm, 111 mm

scope of delivery

• 2x anti-fog lenses
• 2x sacrificial filters
• 2x bikini lens protectors
• 2x daylight covers
• 1x padded MOLLE pouch
• 1x download card for operating instructions
• 1x hard case


This product is made to your specifications and tailored to your personal needs. When placing an order, you do NOT have the right to withdraw from the contract in accordance with Section 18 FAGG. After your order we will contact you again with an order confirmation!

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76 mm, 105 mm, 111 mm





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