1000 thermal imaging devices for the Czech Army

Soldat im Gefecht

Special forces of the Czech Republic Army receive over 1000 thermal imaging devices of the type TigIR™ and TILO™ from Berlin production

Berlin/Prague: The framework contract from 2022, which provided for calls until the end of 2025, will be terminated early by the call for the total quantities by the end of 2023. Andres Industries has since been entrusted by the Czech Ministry of Defense with the delivery of the remaining 561 TigIR-M™ attachments by the end of 2023. This is a follow-up order to a procurement project with a similar volume that was successfully completed in the spring. The indispensable role of state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology in current conflict situations is particularly evident in the ongoing Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. In this context, numerous Eastern European NATO member states are comprehensively modernizing their night combat capabilities.

TILO-6MA™with ELCAN Specter 1-4x DR
Czech paratroopers rely on the combination of TigIR™ and TILO™

The partnership between the Czech armed forces and Andres Industries is reaching a new high point. After almost 80 TigIR™ and TILO™ devices were subjected to intensive testing by paratrooper units in 2021, the first batch of a further 400 TigIR-M™ attachments and TILO-M™ thermal imaging goggles was delivered in early 2023. The current order for 561 devices marks a milestone in the company history of Andres Industries. The total of 1,000 devices delivered to a single customer is testament to the quality and reliability of the products from Berlin and the progress that is continuously being made in the development of state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology.

Innovative technology for versatile use

The close cooperation with the Czech armed forces enabled a "tailor-made" adaptation of the devices according to the specific requirements. The compactness and modularity of the smallest thermal imaging goggles in the world, TILO™, enable them to be used directly on the helmet or as an attachment in front of various target optics. In contrast, the TigIR™ is a thermal imaging target or attachment device that is extremely compact and lightweight despite a range of up to three kilometers. The short design of both devices is predestined for use on machine guns, which generally offer little space for additional mounting surfaces.

The Czech units have therefore decided to upgrade their FN MINIMI® stocks. The TILO™ in combination with a special mount for the ELCAN Specter 1-4x DR is used in the FN MINIMI® 5.56 versions, while the TigIR™ will support the more powerful variants in caliber 7.62 x 51 NATO in the future. It is speculated that after the comprehensive equipment of the machine gunners, the equipment of the sniper weapons and assault rifles will now be tackled. Andres Industries also has other powerful and highly compact solutions here with the BeaIR™ and PumIR™.

Particularly in times of crisis, medium-sized German companies prove themselves to be reliable suppliers of urgently needed materials. The order is further proof of the ability of smaller companies to provide high-quality and high-performance products in a short time. This procurement concept is proving to be extremely successful. Other NATO countries are already following this model and are planning to purchase AIAG equipment on a comparable scale.

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